Quick Start Guide

Review Consider talent suggestions for a project

When you are a member of a project, you are able to edit details, view candidates in all stages and invite others as project members. Always make sure that the Candidate description is correct, and that the Referrals are enabled.

Filter suggestions

Go to Suggestions for this project to review all the candidates suggested by Consider and those who are recommended by colleagues. Filter the suggestions by Referrals, In Network, Out of Network, Diversity and Candidates in your ATS.

Accept a suggestion

Each profile is identified as either a Consider suggestion or a colleague recommendation.

Connections to the candidate from your company network are shown under Colleagues who know. You may contact them for referrals or more info about the candidate.

On each candidate profile, you may Accept suggestion into the project as a prospect or skip. Accepted suggestions are moved to the In outreach stage.

Consider is continuously learning to offer you better candidate suggestions based on your activity.