Consider Slack App

Connect your Consider account

With the Consider Slack App, anyone can recommend candidates, simply using Slack. For all open jobs, Consider automatically finds the matching candidates from your network and asks if you would recommend a person to the hiring team.

Find the Consider App in Apps

Open the Slack app. In the top part of the Slack navigation sidebar, click to reveal Apps. Once you are in Apps, type Consider in the search to find the Consider Slack App. In the search results, click on Consider.

Don’t see the Consider app? Make sure that the Consider Slack App is installed from the Slack app directory.

Installing the Slack app

Connect your account

When you open the Consider App for the first time, you will see a message for connecting your Slack account with your Consider account. Click Connect Account.

If you have already signed up for Consider, you are all set. Your Consider account is now connected to your Slack account.

If you don’t have a Consider account when you click the Connect Account button, you will be directed to sign up for one. You will be prompted to upload your network by installing the Consider Chrome Extension.

When you complete the Consider sign up, you will see a You’re all set! message in the Consider Slack app. Your Consider account is now connected to your Slack account.