Consider Slack App

Recommend a candidate from your network

To recommend candidates from your own network using the Consider Slack App, make sure that you have completed the following steps.

Recommend Candidates

Periodically, the Consider Slack App will send a message asking you to recommend a candidate that Consider thinks might be a good fit for an open position.

You can choose to Recommend the candidate for the position, mark the candidate as Not a fit for the position, Always skip this candidate, or ask for the Next candidate recommendation.

If you choose to recommend a candidate, a new message will appear. Click Write a note to enter your recommendation note to the hiring team.

In the window that pops up, enter your note and click Send.

Candidate introduction request from the Hiring Team

When someone you recommended gets accepted by the Hiring Team, a Hiring Team member may request you to introduce the candidate to them. When you see such a request, click on the link to create an email message to the candidate.

The TO and CC lines of the email will be pre-filled with the candidate’s email, requester’s email and an email address for the project to track this introduction. Write the introduction message and send.