Talent Sourcing

Search for diverse candidates

You can find diverse candidate suggestions in each of your projects that you may accept into the project, and you may also search for diverse candidates directly using Consider Search.

Diverse candidate suggestions in projects

To view diverse candidates that are best fit for your project, open any of your Projects and look under Suggestions to find the Diversity tab. Click Accept to move any candidates suggestions to the In outreach stage. Candidate description must be filled out (Job type, Skills, etc.), to see diverse candidates.

Searching for diverse candidates

Go to Search, and open the Diversity clause group.

Select diversity clauses such as gender (female), military status, universities that support URM candidates, and languages, to add to your search.

Select to add the “is a female” clause to your query to view exclusively female candidates.

Add the “is a veteran” clause to your query to view veteran candidates.

Add the “has studied at Hispanic-Serving Institution (HSI)” clause to your query to search for candidates who have studied at universities that historically have students who are primarily Hispanic or Black.

Add the “speaks any of languages” clause to your query to search by languages that the candidates may speak. Consider supports over 450 languages to search from.

From the search results, add candidates to appropriate projects by using the Add to project button seen on each candidate profile.