Talent Sourcing

Search for talent in your own network

You can search within your network for candidates with specific skills and background.

Go to Search and click on your own profile “You” in the “connected people” filters. When only the first clause “Find any seniority level Person” is present in your query, your entire network is shown in search results.

Alternatively, you can choose a colleague to see prospects from their network matching the current query.

Click on “Connected” to see all matching profiles from your colleagues’ collective networks.

As you add more clauses to your search query, with your own profile selected as a filter, you will see only the prospects that match your query, as results.

In network candidates in your projects

In Projects, open any of your projects to view all the matching candidates from everyone’s network as Suggestions under the tab In network. Candidate description must be filled out (Job type, Skills, etc.), to see the In network candidates.

My Network

To view your network at a glance, look up people in your network by name, go to My Network to view all of the people in your network. Here, you may filter your network by specific Org or Role.