Talent Sourcing

Upload your network

Uploading your professional network to your Consider workspace enables you to source candidates from your own network. Consider automatically suggests best-fit candidates from everyone’s network to your company’s open jobs. Keep your network synced using the Consider Chrome Extension to always have your latest connections available in Consider.

There are two ways to upload your network.

  1. Install the Consider Chrome Extension to automatically sync your network.
  2. Upload your network connections file manually.

Sync your network using the Chrome Extension

Using Google Chrome browser on a computer, install the Consider Chrome Extension available on the Chrome Web Store using the link below.

Install the Consider Chrome Extension

After successfully installing the extension, you will see a confirmation that syncing is progress.

Upload your LinkedIn connections file manually

If you prefer to manually upload your connections file, first request the file from LinkedIn. You may have to wait for 10-15 minutes for LinkedIn to prepare your connections file and send you an email.

Visit your LinkedIn Member data page. Select the option to receive your Connections data archive and click the Request data button. Check your email for the download link sent to you by LinkedIn.

Once you have the file downloaded, proceed to Consider and go to My Network. On the right hand side, click the menu icon and then click on Upload your network.

In the window that opens, drag and drop your network file.

Once the processing is complete, you will see your network of connections in My Network. Heart the best people you’ve worked with to let your colleagues discover the best talent to hire.